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Fatima Sao Simao

Fátima São Simão (Porto, 1981) is director of development for the arts at UPTEC - Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto. She is also the public lead of Creative Commons Portugal (as volunteer), being there responsible for the development of the CC Toolkit for Business and the performance-as-tool Copywrong. Fátima also assumed the executive management of futureplaces.org - medialab for citizenship, at UTAustin-Portugal Colab (2008-2018).
Fátima completed her degree in Economics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto and her Master of Arts in Cultural Policy and Management, at City University of London. While in university, she coordinated the university theatre group (TUP), where she was also an actress and producer, collaborating with various theatre, film and other arts productions ever since. Fátima is currently PhD student at Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, researching about the effects of copyright on the generation of economic and symbolic value in culture and the creative industries.