CC Global Summit has ended
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Ministry of Education
Hello, I'm Salim from Oman (a country in the Middle East). I work as Deputy Director of the Department of Human Sciences Curriculum Development for English Language, at the Omani Ministry of Education.

I am so glad that have been offered a scholarship to attend the CC Global Summit and I am sure that such valuable opportunity will further expand my knowledge and experiences in the fields of commons, open resources and copyright. It will also be an exceptional chance to meet people/professionals from different countries and to connect to community members and professionals who share the same interest. I am so excited to be at the event and have started counting down the days before the event. Looking forward to meeting you in Toronto at the CC Global Summit, April 2018, and to exchanging ideas and thoughts with you.

On this occasion, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the organizing committee and all those who are sponsoring this event. without them I would not have been here at this summit and there would not also have been a CC Summit. Wishing them all the best and all success.